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The iPod Touch jailbreaking tool “RedTool” is one of the easiest ways to jailbreak an iPodtouch 1g/2g. Its current version is 1.02 an is in active development by developer chris stroud. It incorporates a LogoManager to change the boot and recovery logos. It also includes the option to do a Verbose boot. Not only can you generate a jailbroken iPod firmware you can flash the nor on your current iPod firmware to jailbreak without the need to restore. RedTool also allows for the booting of tethered jailbroken iPods. It allows you to boot your ipod if you jailbroke it with  or without run rs and into and out of recovery mode an reset auto-boot. RedTool also features an updater and is available in several different languages.

[RedTool Website]

FPS Creator X10

fpscx10_logoThis week I got to play around with FPS Creator X10. This is pretty much a program that allows you to make your own FPS. Everything in this program when you are creating your game is all drag and drop and after watching the tutorials it is an extremely simple program to use. There are plenty of mods and added model packs for you to keep everything updated. One of the best parts of this program is that you can use your maps as multilayer maps so you can lan. Now despite the simplicity of the drag and drop in the level creation you do have to set and assign actions to the NPC’s(non-playable characters), and environmentals such as doors and keys, confusing at first but easy once you work at it for a few hours. Other than that its an awesome program that’s simple and fun to play around with. Oh and if the standard T ESRB rating for the in-game content is not good enough for you there is a patch that will boost the rating up to M. So i recommend checking this out if you get a chance and enjoy the first directx 10 game creator for vista.

Windows 7 Free For Over One Year


Tomorrow Microsoft will be releasing their release canidate on may 5th which happen to be tomorrow. Microsoft will offer the windows 7 release canidate for free to all until june 1st 2010. Which is much longer than previous operating systems. The time period being a little over a year..The release canidate will feature updates to all even pirates which i wouldnt understand why if its free.

Personally I think its microsofts way of getting people and businesses more interested and back into windows. Becauyse more and more people are making switches to Macs and are downloading Linux.

Ubuntu 9.04 Released


The latest release of Ubuntu is 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope available in the normal desktop and server 32-bit and 64-bit editions. But Canonical has something  new this time around is the Netbook Remix edition designed especially around of course netbooks.


*Download Page*

Change log:

System Requirements:

  • Desktop & Laptop

    • Required

      • 300MHz x86 Processor
      • 256MB Ram
      • 4GB HDD Space
      • VGA @ 640×480
    • Recommended

      • 700MHz x86 Processor
      • 384MB Ram (With Compositing)
      • 8GB HDD Space
      • VGA @ 1024×768
  • Server

    • 300MHz x86 Processor
    • 64MB Ram
    • 500MB HDD Space
    • VGA @ 640×480

Fonera 2.0 on sale in Europe, US in May


The Fon 2.0 is now avalable in Europe and in the US in May. The new unit has the following features as listed on FON.COM.

Hook up hard drives and access them and other home network devices via WiFi.

Download* torrents, movies and TV series with your computer shut down.

Upload directly to YouTube, Facebook, Picasa and Flickr from your USB device or camera with your computer shut down

Save money on energy and reduce your CO2 output by turning off your PC.

Add new features with a single click or create your own apps.

Of course! Access FON Spots for free worldwide.”

We will post more as soon as we get our hands on one.

Search me? home page 

                                                                                 an actaul search       

This website uses a sliding view bar style to view the first page of a website in a line of of website who’s first page is shown as well. this is an amazing visual tool that i have begun to use in compliance

With my old search engine which as you could guess was google…
but, google aside,
Searchme has some interesting features
It’s home page is like google’s news page and shows the latest news

Also in the web page slide device used throughout the site which ill refer to as the “WSD”
The news comes in the following sections:

Latest news-contains your day to day info on drama around the world
Featured-picks popular website and displays there latest news
–Washington Post
Entertainment-contains day to day info on celebrities, movies, but likes to stick to celebrities…
Sports-self titled
Music*-anything that is new and popular by an artist is throw on with an album over and the music which is also in WSD format no change

* a note for music is its really awesome check what i have to say later on
Videos-anything that has been featured or become popular is in here,I have found a lot of fun, and funny things, along with things I think should jump off a cliff, its the Internet “give and take” right?

That concludes the home page

After that…

The website search turns back into your

WSD format search engine…

Like stated above, there isn’t too much magic going on with the WSD

Aside form being able to see if a web page is useful, not

or a trap… Continue reading

How Do You Get Around The Web?

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Personally I use firefox beacuse of it endless customization ability. So I can make it my own. Previously I’ve used Internet Explorer and Opera but i found that they lacked what I needed which is a sense of personal bliss. If you use another browser that isn’t listed please feel free to comment about it and we could possibly add it. Or if you use one of the above please tell us why its good enough for you to use?