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                                                                                 an actaul search       

This website uses a sliding view bar style to view the first page of a website in a line of of website who’s first page is shown as well. this is an amazing visual tool that i have begun to use in compliance

With my old search engine which as you could guess was google…
but, google aside,
Searchme has some interesting features
It’s home page is like google’s news page and shows the latest news

Also in the web page slide device used throughout the site which ill refer to as the “WSD”
The news comes in the following sections:

Latest news-contains your day to day info on drama around the world
Featured-picks popular website and displays there latest news
–Washington Post
Entertainment-contains day to day info on celebrities, movies, but likes to stick to celebrities…
Sports-self titled
Music*-anything that is new and popular by an artist is throw on with an album over and the music which is also in WSD format no change

* a note for music is its really awesome check what i have to say later on
Videos-anything that has been featured or become popular is in here,I have found a lot of fun, and funny things, along with things I think should jump off a cliff, its the Internet “give and take” right?

That concludes the home page

After that…

The website search turns back into your

WSD format search engine…

Like stated above, there isn’t too much magic going on with the WSD

Aside form being able to see if a web page is useful, not

or a trap…
Now if your like me, you don’t search with filters. This can be bad of your doing something innocent and a small human walks in you area. Your searching for something like “pussy cats” and the word pussy and cat come up a million times on a webs site. So it climbs the web page search WSD and BAM its like there all with sorta explicit. Yes after a very brief look “pussy cat”’s 6th(not so bad)and 11th(crossing that line)WSD pages show said explicity…
But after you guys go and search for yourselves…
You can also notice that looking at a page in the WSD, a link to the WSD will appear in your history…
You should go fix that now…

But getting away from that…
I have something to say about the image search for
(beautiful)but really annoying
Using The same WSD format to view images you have by each one slowly almost one by one.. this is something that should be left to…
COOLIRIS FIREFOX ADD ON-review coming soon

But getting to to business its doesn’t meet what i would call functional as a image viewing device

I went head and tried to see if(like the websites )it would happen here(which is more normal for image searches)
I tried to turn off the filter but it said it was…
A bug perhaps? I don’t know but if you get to specific about your search it seems to get you no where…

A clever little thing they give you next to the search bar for all searches is a category box… if i was to search the moon it might give me music, military(not useful), travel(funny but misleading),
and Anime which i thought was pretty cool… and needs a little more work before being used often to help with searches.
*Note the category option is available or the entire site


The music tool allows you to search music easy and then listen to it
Which to me is awesome
Being a music enthusiast i love this feature, again not the place for a WSD format, but it reminds me of the Apple i tunes flip through view…
If you know what artist to search for you can have a line up of their songs which you can listen to… pretty awesome if I do say so.

This is a good time to say that you can make “stacks”
these are web pages you can click and DRAG into the pile you want. This is very useful when you want to make a playlist out of the music you lok up and just let it play.

The last piece of this beauty is the shopping section which is a fly by of stuff that can come close to relevant and useful if it didn’t miss by the smallest margin. e when i search for baggy tripp pants and i got a bunch of tight pleather pants instead (like i said smallest margin)

I hope you enjoyed this review
Pease go and use this site to its fullest potential
Tis is vinny
Your Ninja friend on the Internet

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