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The iPod Touch jailbreaking tool “RedTool” is one of the easiest ways to jailbreak an iPodtouch 1g/2g. Its current version is 1.02 an is in active development by developer chris stroud. It incorporates a LogoManager to change the boot and recovery logos. It also includes the option to do a Verbose boot. Not only can you generate a jailbroken iPod firmware you can flash the nor on your current iPod firmware to jailbreak without the need to restore. RedTool also allows for the booting of tethered jailbroken iPods. It allows you to boot your ipod if you jailbroke it with¬† or without run rs and into and out of recovery mode an reset auto-boot. RedTool also features an updater and is available in several different languages.

[RedTool Website]

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