FPS Creator X10

fpscx10_logoThis week I got to play around with FPS Creator X10. This is pretty much a program that allows you to make your own FPS. Everything in this program when you are creating your game is all drag and drop and after watching the tutorials it is an extremely simple program to use. There are plenty of mods and added model packs for you to keep everything updated. One of the best parts of this program is that you can use your maps as multilayer maps so you can lan. Now despite the simplicity of the drag and drop in the level creation you do have to set and assign actions to the NPC’s(non-playable characters), and environmentals such as doors and keys, confusing at first but easy once you work at it for a few hours. Other than that its an awesome program that’s simple and fun to play around with. Oh and if the standard T ESRB rating for the in-game content is not good enough for you there is a patch that will boost the rating up to M. So i recommend checking this out if you get a chance and enjoy the first directx 10 game creator for vista. www.fpscreatorx10.com

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