A Shiny Newer Free Swiss Army Knife, IObit Toolbox!

IObit Toolbox is a compilation of PC software tools to assist you on your PC’s maintenance and security. The toolbox contains 20 different applications to insure complete reliability from your PC. To Download IObit Toolbox get it from the IObit website http://www.iobit.com/toolbox.html.

IObit Toolbox Contains

  • Disk Cleaner analyzes unnecessary files in hard disk and cleans them up to enlarge available disk space.
  • Registry Cleaner will clean up your registry database frees your system of unneeded ballast.
  • Privacy Sweeper erases your activity history and surfing traces.
  • Uninstaller helps you to uninstall programs in your computer.
  • File Shredder makes sure that no data thief can get his hands on your sensitive data.
  • Smart RAM monitors and Optimizes memory usage to increase available physical memory.
  • Registry Defrag determines how heavily fragmented the registry is and whether an optimization is necessary.
  • Internet Booster analyzes your internet and optimizes it.
  • Startup Manager optimize startups to accelerate your PC startup and improve your system performance.
  • WinFix analyzes your windows operation system and helps you to fix problems.
  • Disk Doctor performs analysis of your disks and their file systems.
  • Shortcut Fixer searches your system for non-effective shortcuts and references and fixes them.
  • Undelete will restore deleted files after you have emptied the Recycle Bin.
  • IE Helper manages Internet Explorer add-ons, system context menu, and restores hijacked settings.
  • Process Manager manages running processes and displays the performance of your system.
  • Security Holes Scanner scans and fixes security holes automatically.
  • Cloned Files Scanner searches for cloned files in your system which may waste your disk space.
  • Empty Folder Scanner helps you to find empty folders in your computer and deletes them.
  • Disk Explorer analyzes your drives to show disk usage of your files and folders.
  • System Information collects and displays detail information of your system.
  • System Control helps you to change operation system settings.

Join the Company of Heroes Online Open Beta!

Company of Heroes Online Logo

Join the open beta for Company of Heroes Online over at http://www.companyofheroes.com/. It also includes the first campaign from Company of Heroes and did I mention Company of Heroes is Free-to-Play.  The game is action packed an no different from the feel of all the prior Company of Heroes titles.  The only difference between this game all the titles prior is the amazing network game play counterpart, leveling, and perk system available to the player to further your war strategies. The game is amazing especially so in 4 vs. 4 matches were players are going head-to-head for territory and resources in a desperate attempt to simply survive.