Android On Marching On!


The iPhone dev-team member Planetbeing has recently reviled some breaking news pertaining to his side project iPhonelinux. In his recent announcement he reviled he’s created a working port of the Android OS to the iPhone platform. The modification is currently only compatible with 2G iPhones (Original iPhone) ,but 3G and 3GS compatibility is being something to pursue. The modifications run using a required modified boot loader called openiboot. The bootloader allows a graphical selection at boot for either the iPhoneos or android. Its been reported with some openiboot installations and have resulted in needing to install in a tethered form.

Working Android Drivers:

    -WiFi connectivity (Some Android specific driver extensions are yet to be implemented causing scanning issues)
    -Touchscreen interaction (No multitouch yet)
    -Call and home buttons repurposed to the volume rocker
    -Phone Calls (EDGE or GSM Unknown which)

For more information view the iPhonelinux Blog…

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